NEW - Magic Bore Bore Cleaner 

The Magic Bore Bore Cleaner has been designed to work with the Hand Kit and it's variants to aid in dislodging all types of fouling. This will reduce the amount of effort and time required to get the barrels spotless with all Hand Kits, Field Kits and Loaders Kits. This is a bore cleaner only and has been tested for the last twelve months and I am confident in saying that it is the best Bore Cleaner on the market for shotguns.

It is Non Hazardous, Bio-Degradable and Solvent Free.

Bore Cleaner 200ml

  • Spray one or two squirts down each barrel and leave standing upright to work its way down the length of the barrels whilst you clean the stock, forend and action. Put a patch over the breach and press in with your thumb or finger - this will stop the wind from disloging it. Using the plastic tip on the end of your Magic Bore kit push the patch into and through the barrels until it sticks out the muzzle end. If you pull the Magic Bore kit back, and have the muzzles over a bin, the patch will drop off into the bin. Give the barrels a few quick full length pumps with your Magic Bore kit and the barrels should be spotless. If not repeat until they are.