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Drill Kit

Cost £60.00 plus £6.50 P&P

The Hand Kit and the Drill Kit have been designed to work together to be the ultimate in shotgun barrel cleaning solution. The Hand Kit is designed to be taken with you to a shoot and kept in the back of the car. It is recommended that you use the Hand Kit, every time after you have finished shooting.

The Drill Kit is designed to clean ONLY the first 2/3 of the barrels - down to the end of the forcing cones - and it is designed to remove any stubborn lead or plastic fouling that may have built up or for that first clean after using competitor products as your gun will NOT be clean. It is NOT meant to be used from the choke end or you will distort the brush and reduces it's effectiveness from the end that it is designed to clean. You will also need to use the Hand Kit to push the powder out from the remaining 1/3 of the barrels after using the Drill Kit.

The Drill Kit comprises of a hexagon metal rod designed to fit into a 13mm drill chuck and prevent slipping. It has a protective plastic bush on the end to protect the gun from the drill which also fits snugly into the plastic tube with an end cap which again is designed to keep all dirty components contained. There is one material covered rod and a heavy duty custom brush with a protective plastic tip designed solely for use in a drill in forward motion and at slow speed. The Drill Kit works best without any oils or solvents. It will remove fouling faster and turns it to a powder. If you do use oils , solvents or lubricants it will turn it to a sludge which will coat the material covered rods and shorten the life of the consumables.

How to Use
Full instructions and demonstration video is shown below and in the online shop page.

IMPORTANT: Please hold the barrels with a towel or rag wrapped around them as the new drill kit brush heats the barrels up quickly and they may become too hot to hold if you don't. Take the drill kit and whilst still in the tube attach your drill. Set it to operate in forward motion and at its slowest speed. Slowly start the drill and pull the drill backward whilst holding the tube to remove it. Position the brush just inside the first barrel and start the drill. Slowly push the brush down the barrel and then withdraw it again slowly. Check the chamber by pointing it up towards a gentle light source i.e. not the sun and check that the plastic fouling has been removed. If not repeat this process. Repeat for the other barrel. Replace the plastic tube and undo the drill chuck and you are done. 














- use the brush in the Drill Kit at no more than 300 rpm the brush in the drill kit is only SAFE to use at 300 rpm or less. If used at more than 300 rpm it may distort and become less effective.


- use any oils or solvents. The Drill Kit works best without any oils or solvents.

- use the brush from the Hand Kit in your drill as it will distort. It is not designed for that purpose and you will distort it and it will become ineffective. 

- use other components other than official Magic Bore® supplied parts. There is no guarantee that those parts will work effectively with the kit. 

- use any rods where the material has come unattached. The rod needs to be fully covered to protect guns from metal contact. If this happens order a replacement. 
use the Drill Kit if the plastic bush at the end of the hexagon drill attachment is missing or damaged. 

ONLY USE your drill in FORWARD motion NEVER reverse. The cloth is spiral wound to work in the FORWARD motion only or it may come unwound or unstuck. The copper brush is also spiral wound and only designed to be used in a FORWARD motion. 

Consumable Items for Drill Kit

Rods x 1 £15 each

Brush x 1 £10 each

This is very heavy duty brush that's nearly 140mm long and custom designed for use in the Magic Bore® Drill kit only. You will not be able to use this brush with the hand kit and there is nothing else like it on the market. This is specifically designed to work in the first 2/3 of the barrels and removes all types of fouling amazingly quickly with or without oils or cleaning fluids.

Available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore and .410 gauge versions currently.

To Order visit the online shop or Email: or if you have any questions call Mike on 07717 257357

Magic Bore® only uses the best quality components and parts available. There have been hundreds of hours put into research, design, testing and manufacture to arrive at the product you see now. The ergonomic handle is solid aluminium and designed to last a lifetime. It is comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. The plastic bush on the end is designed to protect your gun and to last. The plastic tube and end cap are designed to last and to keep you and its surroundings clean. The rods are solid aluminium and are split into two to keep the cost of consumables down. The consumable parts should last a few years before they need to be replaced. The consumable parts for the drill kit are one rod and a brush total cost £25.00 per annum worst case but more like £15 per annum. This is cheaper than buying other cleaning tools and having to replace them annually.

The material covered rods are compatible with cleaning fluids, solvents and oils. No other mops are made to this specification, They are made from the best cleaning material available on the market today and use the highest specification adhesive to attach them to the solid aluminium rods. They are also washable. 
The brushes are custom designed to Magic Bore specifications and are only available on Magic Bore® Kits. They are of the highest quality and will not work with any other kit. They are extra-long and designed to work in conjunction with the material covered rods to remove all types of fouling including new bitumen fibre wad residue, fast. No other kit will do this let alone in under a minute! It is also the only kit that will remove plastic fouling also in under a minute. 

Both the Magic Bore® Hand Kits and Drill Kits enable you to remain completely clean at all times whilst cleaning your guns. No other kit or product does this. Magic Bore® kits are the only kits that have clever design features that protect your gun. Magic Bore® kits are the only kits that use brushes as well as a micro fibre mop let alone the best of every component available. They are also the only kits designed to last a lifetime and they are the only product that cleans the insides of barrels properly in under 2 minutes time after time. 

Other bore mops do not last, are cheaply made and you cannot use any cleaning oils or solvents with them. They are uncomfortable to use and not the same quality. You will get dirty using them and everything they touch will get dirty. They will not clean your gun properly and they will not last so you will need to keep replacing them. 

Modulus cleaning kits are a pain to use. You have to keep changing jags, brushes and mops and you get filthy doing so. They are not ergonomically designed and are uncomfortable to hold and use. 

The Hand Kit costs less than 2 mediocre Pheasants or less than 250 cartridges. The Drill Kit costs the same as one decent pheasant or less than 200 cartridges. The amount of time that you will save yourself cleaning your gun is up to 25 minutes each time and over 2 hours each time if you have a DT11. The real question is how much do you value your time and do you want to make cleaning your gun a pleasure not a pain? Your gun is also an asset and an investment and you should take care of it. Using Magic Bore Cleaning Kits will ensure your barrels are in as good a condition inside as the day you started using them.

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