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Rifle Kits - NEW

Cost £50.00 plus £6.00 P&P

All Rifle Kits comprise of an ergonomic, aluminium, anodised handle with a high quality bearing and a clever adaptor which is designed to fit snugly into a plastic tube. The plastic tube has an end cap and is there to keep all dirty components contained. The Rifle Kit comprises of one either stainless steel or Nylon coated rod and a choice of either a Copper or Nylon brush for optimal cleaning of the barrels with minimum effort. The brush and the rods are also sold as separate combinations allowing you to buy one main kit and add on a rod and brush for each additional calibre that you may have. This saves you money and means that you can have all your rifle cleaning rods in the one place - the tube. Each rod is colour coded so you always know which is which.  The handle has a push fit plastic bush on the end which protects the gun parts from the aluminium handle. The rods are 100% covered by nylon so that no metal parts can come into contact with the gun being cleaned.

How to Use

Spray the Magic Bore Bore Cleaner down each barrel and leave to work for a few minutes. Remove the Rifle Kit from its tube and place the brush in the centre of the barrel and pull back and forth to remove any fouling. The threads are generic so you can use existing brushes and tools with your rods.

- use other any other components,  except jags, other than official Magic Bore® supplied parts. There is no guarantee that those parts will work with the kit. 

- use any rods where the Nylon has come unattached except for the stainless steel rods. The rod needs to be fully covered to protect guns from metal contact. If this happens order a replacement. 

- use the Rifle Kit if the plastic bush on the handle is missing or damaged. 


Consumable Items for Rifle Kit

Nylon Brush x 1 £3.20 each

Copper Brush x 1 £3.75 each

Available in 4 versions to cover all of the calibres: .17 Stainless Steel, All the .22 Calibres Black Nylon coated, .270 Purple Nylon coated & .30-06, 308 Yellow Nylon coated. 

Additional Rod and Brush combos £20.00

To Order visit the online shop or Email: or if you have any questions call Mike on 07717 257357

Magic Bore® only uses the best quality components and parts available. There have been hundreds of hours put into research, design, testing and manufacture to arrive at the product you see now. The ergonomic handle is solid aluminium and designed to last a lifetime. It is comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. The plastic bush on the end is designed to protect your gun and to last. The plastic tube and end cap are designed to last and to keep you and its surroundings clean. The rods are either stainless steel for the .17 or Nylon coated Mild steel for the rest of the calibres. Initial Rifle kit cost is: £60.00 introductory price currently £50.00.

All Magic Bore® Kits enable you to remain completely clean at all times whilst cleaning your guns. No other kit or product does this. Magic Bore® kits are the only kits that have clever design features that protect your gun. They are also the only kits designed to last a lifetime and they are the only product that cleans the insides of barrels properly in under 2 minutes time after time. 

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