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Steve Keating - 6th December 2020 - Having tried many different rods, brushes and pull through cleaners I thought it time to try the MagicBore product. I had seen various feedback from others and what can I say other than proof is in actually trying the cleaning power of this device.

I purchased the drill kit which was delivered swiftly and put it to work on my Caesar Guerini with no solvents and the results are surprising.

My “clean” gun was harbouring lots of detritus that could not be seen when looking down the tubes but soon came out in the form of a fine dry powder.

I believe this product offers unparalleled cleaning and real value.

Mark Laing - 20th July 2020 - Fantastic piece of essential kit - Thank you - I put 200 fibre wad clay shells through my DT11 and just could not remove all of the lead fouling, despite cleaning and buying new ‘bore cleaner’ products. I bought a recommended drill kit from the gun range, despite being very sceptical about the claims. That piece of kit will now travel with me at all times. My barrels are perfectly clean with two run-throughs. The time that this will save me is Incredible. Brilliantly engineered. Now it’s a 20 bore kit for my wife’s gun, as I am not going back to hand rodding. Well done for producing a piece of kit that is designed really well and just works.


Kevin Saunders - 04th July 2020 - Hi Mike. Just received the drill kit and cleaned the DT11 in literally 2 strokes of each barrel - without any cleaner!! WTF!! I must admit to being sceptical, but having put 400 fibre shells through at a sim day, I COULD NOT shift all the streaks after 3/4 hr with every brush and solvent known to man, so I thought I'd give you a try. If in doubt , buy one, you won't regret it, especially for the long cones on a DT11.


Robert Mitchell - 28th July 2019 - I used my “Magic Bore” 12g drill kit today for the first time in my Beretta as I had noticed a couple of marks in the barrels that I couldn’t shift with a Galway brush and elbow grease! 
I was astonished and to be honest quite relieved when after a few minutes drilling up and down and a wipe through they were back to as good as new. 
I have to admit it’s a job I often put off and clearly the fouling was building up hence the marks, this ripped through it and will make cleaning them in the future far less of a faff! Highly recommend based on my experience!!
Magicbore have a Facebook page or you can find them through google or YouTube, seems they travel about the country’s shooting grounds and you can save the carriage by picking a kit up face to face, I got mine posted as I was in a bit of a panic though!!
Hope this is of interest to anyone else who is a bit lazy on the weekly cleaning front!!

Colin Pye - 20th July 2019 - Hi Mike, Taken your advise and got the drill from Screwfix yesterday, cleaned my DT11 with the Drill Kit for the first time today, all I can say is WOW WOW what a difference a drill kit makes,FIRST CLASS QUALITY PRODUCT WHICH DOES WHAT IT SAYS. Best Regards and Many Thanks, Colin.

Seb Granville - 17th July 2019 - Hi Mike, I bought a 12g magic bore and i love it. Easy to use, turns a faff into a 2 minute simple task, and is fair in price. Figured i'd drop you a message to say its brilliant, as people never spend the time giving good feedback. Anyways, il be back for a 20g at some point :-) Thanks again,


Mark Fox - 17th May 2019 - Hi Mike, Received my kits today and just wanted to say thank you for a product that does everything you say it does. It’s made cleaning my DT11 so much easier, faster and cleaner. I actually couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, it’s done such a good job and made cleaning the DT a job I no longer dread! Thanks again, regards, Mark.

Steve Scorer - 9th May 2019 - Received this morning thank you. Absolutely cracking product. Saw my mate using one last week and had to have one. The time this will save me is amazing. Will prob be ordering the drill kit next. Many thanks, Steve.  

Robert Hughson - 22nd April 2019 - Hi, I received the magicbore kit that I ordered last week, both my son's shoot clays, the youngest has a Miroku and we never had any problem cleaning it, last year we bought our eldest a new Berreta, from day one we couldn't get it anywhere near clean. Every time we spoke to fellow shooters, gunsmiths and shops we were given different products to try, none of them came close to the finish on the Miroku the closest was soapy hot water, it was even suggested that it was the pro piston cartridge that he was using and we probably wouldn't get it any better than it was. I read about magic bore in clay shooting mag and just thought it looked the same as other similar products so didn't pay too much attention to it. After months of getting nowhere and the barrels getting dirtier I remembered about magicbore so decided to give it a go. I didn't use any cleaners with it and even on the first pass I could see a difference,  it took a total of 3 attempts to get the barrels looking like new and I removed a total of 9 grams of residue, l have to say there's been a long time since I have been as impressed with any product as I am with magicbore, I also never bother writing suppliers about a purchase but in this case i felt i had to as you have an impressive product, thanks, Robert.

Shane Timony - 16th March 2019 - Hi Mike, Just got the magic bore field and ran it through my barrels with just a drop of oil. Unbelievable, I have never seen these tubes so bright. I know people will say it’s a lot of cash for a brush but, it’s the result that counts. I am delighted with it and wondering WTF I would want the power tool version for😁. Great product 👍Thanks Shane

Gerry S - 21st August 2018 - Hi Mike

Just a quick thanks for the Magic bore system that you invented, my guns have never had it so good, and for very little effort or mess!!  I will certainly be singing it's praises when out shooting.


Malcolm Rouse - 5th June 2018 - Like a lot of people on Facebook I was doubtful about your product but since I bought my DT11 about 2 years ago I have had a nightmare trying to get the fouling out of the barrels, It usually takes me about 3/4 hour after having sprayed them and standing overnight! I took the plunge and bought both kits and what a surprise !! 5 minutes and they were cleaner than they have been since new. Wonderful tool, wish I'd known about them years ago, Many Thanks, Malcolm Rouse.

Lewis Greenhowe - 8th March 2018 - Hi Mike, Just to let you know I have used your magic bore kits. Both are superb a lot quicker, cleaner and 100% better than any other bore cleaner I have ever used. Would highly recommend them to anyone. 

Shaun Harris - 17th January 2018 - Hi Mike, Good bit of kit the Magic Bore thanks. 

Clive Rowe - 20th December 2017 - Hi Mike, I meant to get back to you and say the product is excellent!!! I’ve used it a few times now and it makes light work of keeping my barrels nice and clean!

Darren Roberts: October 2017 - Hi Mike, I meant to get back to you and say the product is excellent!!! I’ve used it a few times now and it makes light work of keeping my barrels nice and clean!

Mark Graham - 24th October 2017 - Magic, magic, Magic Bore. I am new to shotguns and have only started this wonderful sport this year. I purchased a second hand Beretta 692 as my first gun in the summer and absolutely love it.
Like all gun owners I bought the relevant cleaning kit consisting of rods, brushes, mops, patches and sprays. I felt I was spending as much time cleaning my gun as I was shooting it but this to me was part of the enjoyment.
After a few months the cleaning seemed to get harder and harder. I could always see streaks of plastic wad residue on the inside of my barrels and no matter how much I brushed and sprayed I couldn't shift it. I did think was I being too demanding on the clean, should there be a certain amount of streaking left in the barrels and possibly the mirror like clean was a non achievable fantasy.
Over the months I have read with interest posts on the Magic Bore cleaning kits but decided I wouldn't buy one just yet as I had only just spent quite a bit on other cleaning items. As it was my birthday a few weeks ago and I was fortunate to receive some Bank of England gift vouchers I decided to treat myself to the Magic Bore kits. I used them both yesterday, wow, wow, wow.
After spending less than 10 minutes I couldn't believe how much plastic wad and fouling dropped out of my supposedly clean barrels, I had at last achieved my mirror like finish. I am so chuffed with these kits and they have made cleaning so much easier with fantastic results and you remain spotlessly clean through the whole process.
A massive thanks to Mike Bartlett who replied swiftly to every one of my messages answering all of my questions and the kits were despatched super quick arriving the next day.
I would definitely recommend these kits to everyone and once tried I cannot see any reason to return to conventional cleaning methods. Fantastic products that do all they claim to and make gun cleaning so easy, efficient and effective.

Alec Sperling - 24th October 2017 - Hi Mike, Magic Bore. The drill attachment one. OMG, best thing you could ever buy to clean your gun. Magic is the right name for it for sure. I even got Ryan doing his gun. Superb product Mike.


Andy Scurlock - 16th October 2017 - Thanks mate for the cleaning rod works amazing brilliant product.


Mr Ansley - Texas USA - 13th October 2017 - I just got the MagicBore and opened them up. Incredible quality you have here. We had tried the traditional wooden mops and they were all terrible. In fact the last one we ordered from amazon came broken in two inside a perfectly good box which says a lot about the person who picked up at amazon and put a broken part in a box. We have been using bore snakes and we had cleaned my sons over under just a few days ago with it. I looked down the barrel just now and saw some residue. Put the MagicBore in there and gave it a few twists. Pulled it out and could not believe how much black came out on the mop. The barrels look great. Rest assured I will be showing this to every parent I talk to in my sons 2 leagues that he shoots in. Very impressed!! Thank you for coming up with a better mop.


Rolf Budgen from Australia - 3rd October 2017 - Good news the cleaning kit has arrived and my K80 barrels are like mirrors good product thanks.


Matthew Goldsbrough - 2nd October 2017 - The Magic Bores arrived today, very well packaged and protected. 
I took three guns out of the cabinet, cleaned them perfectly, and returned them to the cabinet, all in fourteen minutes. That was with the hand kit, and I wasnt rushing. 
Your product works very well, and you deserve to be extremely successful with it.


Austin Humphreys 6th September 2017 - Mike, received the kit, many thanks. 
Put 200 cartridges through a Beretta 692 this morning which is normally a pig to clean and without wishing to sound too cheesy, it feels like cheating. Quite frankly the easiest way to clean a shotgun Ive come across in 20yrs. 


Andy Cain 7th July 2017 
Thanks all received in good order, must say Im impressed, even my 30yr old sporters barrels shine like new, could never get them properly clean before. 

Clay Shooting Magazine Review June 2017

Gun Mart Magazine - Review May 2017 issue


Stewart Butler from North Devon: 19th May 2017 
I have always looked after my guns and found the most difficult and laborious task is cleaning the barrels. There are so many products out there with promises to make the job easier most of which I have tried up until now but it is has been hard work. 
Last week I saw the advert for Mike Bartlett's Magic Bore, which again made the promise to make the job easier. I spoke to Mike and ordered the drill set which was delivered the next day. What a fantastic piece of kit it did exactly what the advert claimed. I followed Mike's instructions and used it dry with the drill on slow speed and after about three pushes up the barrels they were like new. All achieved with very little effort. I was that impressed I have ordered the hand set. I was sceptical about this product but having used it would not hesitate to recommend it. Anyone who knows me will be aware I really look after my guns and this REALLY DOES WORK.


John Yates - 17th January 2017 - Magic bore there magic


Stuart Spratt - 4th January 2017 - Got one for a Christmas present and I think it's brilliant makes cleaning so easy


Nigel Stewart - 4th January 2017 - You won't believe how good the Magicbore is until you try it!


Martin Butcher - 12th November 2016 
Yes I've got to say that after reading Brent Woodard's review on magic bore I decided to try out magic bore for my self , as I also experienced the same issues with my DT11 . I am very impressed it reduces the cleaning Time , Effort and Mess drastically .I have been cleaning Guns of all descriptions for many years and it has eliminated the feeling of dread when I have to clean my DT11 after a shoot.


Derek Wetter - 12th November 2016 - CPSA Coach and Qualified Loader - Well have been using very regularly and also lending to my loader chums. 
It is easy when kept in car and then very quick to clean the barrels after the shoot. The sturdiness of it when using like this is essential and I can now appreciate how well made it is. (better than using a bore snake)


Nigel Stewart - 8th November 2016 - As an avid gun cleaner I thought it was time I shared my thoughts of Mike Bartlett's new magic bore cleaning tools, firstly the bronze brush is so much larger and better quality than other shop bought brushes and with it on the end of the shorter rod that fits into your cordless drill cleans off plastic and lead fouling that I didn't even know were in my barrels! I snaked through my barrels to get rid of the loose dirt then I applied a patch with barrel cleaner and a wee squirt down the barrels and left them until I'd cleaned in around my receiver and forend I then slowly started the short magic bore attached to my drill concentrating on the area just past the chambers and into the forcing cones then on deep into the barrels for a minute or so at 3/4 speed, when I removed the magic bore I was totally amazed at the amount of dirt (plastic&lead) that was stuck into the bronze brush and just how clean my barrels now looked, next I got the longer magic bore and with a patch over the end I cleaned out the loose dirt that was left at the end of the shorter rod,with the dirty patch of I gave the barrels a good minute or so of cleaning with the long rod to leave my barrels cleaner than I ever thought they could be, I would say one a month with the sorter magic bore in the drill will keep on top of the lead & plastic build up so all you'll need to do is a few minutes with the longer magic bore either when your shoot day is over or wait until you get home or if you're like me both lol 
I can honestly say this new magic bore kit does its job better than any other cleaning system I've used or know of and I've no hesitation in recommending it everyone it's money well spent -- Thanks Mike


Harry Peart - 5th November 2016 
Mike, I normally use a drill to clean my guns but it's never got the barrels clean. I shoot skeet mainly and use Hull Pro Piston's which leave a fair bit of fouling, especially lead, in my barrels. I can get them fairly clean but this is really clean. Well done you 'magic'.


Gareth Lee - 3rd November 2016 
Hi mike 
Received both kits for my birthday off my girlfriend tried them out on some heavily fouled guns, one including a 692 black what also has barrels made out of the same material as DT11 and is a pain in the arse to clean got to say it made short work of them, 692 required the drill kit due to being heavily fouled with plastic for a few weeks, handbrush sorted everything out on other guns 
Will be letting my friends and family know


Chris Willet - Kent. - 21st October 2016 
Preferring to clean my guns just after shooting I decided after seeing the video to track down Mike and purchase. What a great decision this was, taking advice and running a patch through first the initial results were truly amazing. Other shooters asking what I am using and are also impressed with the results, sure the word of mouth will increase your sales. 
Currently I use Tetra Action Blaster and my chosen cartridges' are a little messy, Magic Bore coped and left the barrels of the lads Browning and my Kemen gleaming with such little effort. By using a patch as advised I can honestly say that to clean a gun to a basic standard took 5 minutes per gun and with the additional drill kit the barrels clean to a glass like finish. You said when we met you are developing some patches and cleaning solutions, HURRY UP if they are as good as your Magic Bore they will be brilliant. 
People comment the product is expensive, I disagree as in life you can only expect to get what you pay for, quality generally does not come cheap. 
Wish you and your products every success for the future.


Pete Houghton - 11th October 2016 
Mine has arrived Mike, I've tried it out and I'm very pleased with it. Great tool designed for the job, much cleaner and quicker. Very nicely packaged and great quality parts. I'd recommend to anyone who's pondering about getting one, or both like I did.


Brent Woodard CPSA 123975 
Mike, I wanted to give you some feedback...What can I say other than your product is excellent! I'm sure some people are skeptical because of the cost, I know I was, but that depends on how much you value your time and enjoyment of your sport. I've never really had an issue or struggled to keep my barrels clean until I recently changed guns to a Beretta DT11 L, well I've tried everything and it used to take me well over 2 hours to get my barrels something like acceptable. I saw your product advertised and thought, that looks good, but my initial impression was, it was a little costly. The last straw was a week ago when I struggled for nearly 2.5 hours to clean the gun and looked around at the amount of solutions, brushes, bore snakes, wire wool etc. and after costing it all up decided in desperation to take the plunge and order your two kits. Best decision I could have ever made as it took me just 15 minutes to get the barrels better than I've ever seen them and to top it all, without all the mess! It is worth every penny to me, it's a great product that delivers results, period!


John Jeffries owner of HPX Shotguns: 
Mikes new Magic Bore® shotgun cleaner can be summed up in just a few words. It does the job perfectly and nearly makes cleaning barrels a pleasure.

The shooting Show: An innovative new product for cleaning shotguns


Steve Clarke, Gloucestershire FITASC County Champion 2015 
I have cleaned every gun I have on the place!! It works fantastic, I have such shiny barrels now!!

DT11 owners take note. Magic Bore® cleaning kits used together are the only solution that will clean the barrels of your DT11 in only a few minutes, spotlessly! This has been proven and the guy whos DT11 it was bought the Magic Bore® kits there and then! He said that he had spent 2.5 hours getting the barrels that good last time he cleaned it!! He said I was skeptical about it before today but it is a fantastic product well done.

iShoot Magazine - September 2016 Issue.

To Order visit the online shop or Email: or if you have any questions call Mike on 07717 257357

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