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Magic Bore - Gun Oil & Magic Bore - Bore Cleaner

Magic Bore Gun Oil - 200ml - Cost £12.00 plus P&P £3.25 2nd class and £4.10 1st class - COMING SOON

Magic Bore Gun oil is the Ultimate Gun Oil. It is mineral based and bio-degradable and can be used on both wood and metal. It is an excellent lubricant and is designed to clean, protect and lubricate. 


Directions for Use:

Remove the clear cap and using the spray nozzle press down to direct oil where it is required. It can be used on wood to create a nice shine and on metal to clean and or protect. It is also a great lubricant and can be used to free stuck choke tubes if left immersed in the oil for a period of time. Remove any excess with a cloth. 

Magic Bore Bore Cleaner 200ml - Cost £12.00 plus P&P £3.25 2nd class and £4.10 1st class

Magic Bore Bore Cleaner is the Ultimate Bore Cleaning Fluid. It is solvent based to remove the plastic and lead fouling as quickly as possible. It will clean and protect your firearms and keep them in peak condition and performance.

Directions for Use - Please note use with all hand kit variants. DO NOT USE any OIL with the DRILL KIT. - Please read the label before use.

Use 1 square of good quality toilet roll - 2 0r 3 ply. Fold it twice to make a small square and push this into the breach to create a cup.  Flip the lid on the Bore cleaner and drop 2 or three drops of the blue bore cleaner into the tissue cup. This should saturate the tissue and turn it blue. This will now coat every part of the barrel all the way down to the muzzle. You DO NOT need to leave this to work. It is a solvent and will evaporate if left so using your Magic Bore Hand kit place the plastic tip on the end of the brush into the centre of the cup and push the tissue all the way through. Over a bin pull the hand kit back through and the tissue will drop into the bin. A few quick, full length pumps will be all you need to completely clean your barrels. There will be enough residue of oil left to protect your barrels for up to 6 months.

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