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Cost £55.00 plus £6.00 P&P

Peg Pal is a first for the UK market and is designed to be everything you need to save your day/drive on a game shoot. 

Stuck Wad or cartridge - no problem.

Sticking ejector - no problem. 

Stiff gun - no problem.

Pick up all your empty cases - no problem.

Walking stick - of course. 

Peg Pal comprises of an ergonomic anodised solid aluminium handle which is designed to push fit snugly into a plastic tube. The plastic tube has an end cap which to keep all dirty components contained. There is one long Nylon coated mild steel rod for clearing barrels from stuck wads and or cartridge cases. The handle has a push fit plastic bush on the end which protects the gun parts from the aluminium handle. The rods are 100% covered in a Nylon coating so that no metal parts can come into contact with the gun when clearing a wad. There is a 10ml bottle of Magic Bore Gun oil inside with a fine nozzle to get the oil to the tightest of spaces. Lastly there is the strongest N42 Neodymium Magnet with an incredible 16.5kg pull attached to the end cap to enable you to collect all of your empty cartridge cases at the end of the drive. The secure fit on the handle also means that this is a great walking stick providing great assistance on the steepest of banks.

Peg Pal costs less than 1 decent Pheasant or less than 150 cartridges. You spend a lot of money on your peg so why risk losing a drive to a stuck wad or cartridge when Peg Pal will get you back shooting in seconds. Who caries oil to the peg these days and yet a sticking ejector or a stiff gun can really slow you done. Need help getting to your peg and need to collect your empties at the end of the drive. Peg Pal does it all. 

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